Introducing a day of DPLA and Ada Lovelace!

Part of the Digital Public Library of America’s outreach program is to invite community reps to put on events that highlight the resources available in the DPLA.

We (Patrick Murray-John and Christina Harlow) thought that Ada Lovelace Day would be a great opportunity to invite others to dig into the DPLA to build good things around the themes of the day.

We built this site as a resource to help us and others put together such events and share them. Here, you will find an event template to help put an event together, a list of events being held, and other resources, such as a sample Code of Conduct to use or modify.

Our About page includes more details about the idea and how to get involved. More will be coming soon.

We’d like to thank all the people who have already helped by looking at drafts of the event template and giving their feedback. We hope more people will want to get involved and put on their own events celebrating Ada Lovelace and the DPLA. For more information, please contact Patrick with subject line “DPLAdaLovelace” at